Welcome to the website of the Vascular Society of Malaysia.

The field of vascular surgery is evolving very rapidly. Barely twenty years ago, would we have imagined that one day we would decrease the use of loupe and increase our three dimensional view on the monitor? That our suturing skill would be put to less use than our dexterity in using the wires and catheters, that stents would replace grafts, that varicose veins would be managed using laser or radiofrequency under local anaesthesia? That training would shift from the OR to the simulation lab?

The world is changing and we have to adapt accordingly.

The VSM was founded to serve as a forum to share information and experiences on vascular diseases and related conditions. It also serves to educate the public and to contribute to training of doctors in vascular surgery. We hope to be able to continue the good work done by our predecessors and in future, contribute to research.

Much can be achieved if we stay united and work for the advancement of the community. I hope we will continue to support and participate actively in the regular workshops, conferences and seminars, organized by Hospital Kuala Lumpur, VSM or College of Surgeons.

We should also improve on the VSM website. This portal will enable us to share knowledge, announce activities and communicate rapidly. It serves as a knowledge portal for our patients and as a link to the rest of the medical community, locally or globally.

I wish to thank the Executive committee and the members assigned to establish and maintain the website, for the excellent work. I must also thank the VSM members for their enthusiasm and participation, and the corporate members for their unwavering support.

We look forward to a better year ahead.

President of Vascular Society of Malaysia

Liew NC