INTELLIGENT INFRASTRUCTURE SDN BHD or i2 is a business built around today’s intricate market demand for strategically-focused, outcome-driven and sustainable solutions.

i2 is a value creation driver and offers comprehensive services covering 2 Lines of Businesses where 1 LOB focuses on creating creative and strategic applications such as Business Intelligence solutions, Customer Relationship solutions, etc. and another LOB focuses on a broad spectrum of Infrastructural solutions ranging from IT infrastructure to Managed IT services.

i2’s competitive advantage is through “STRATEGIC VALUE DELIVERABLES” and is the primary and most critical way we approach our solutions and our commitment to our customers.


Our vision is to be a market leader in stellar human communication technologies in the markets that we serve.


Our mission is to enrich stellar values into people’s lives with seamless interactive communication through leading and cutting edge Information Technology.


• To enrich and empower people’s lives through strategically-focused, outcome driven and sustainable ways.
• To develop Intellectual Properties with highly sought after market value.
• To value add to associated company businesses.
• Main Technology Focus is POSITIONING our software solutions and intellectual properties.
• Technology Diversion FOCUS is “Cloud Everything”.