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  Visitors with Allergies!

Having a friend or relative come to visit is something to look forward to, but if your visitor has allergies you may want to take a few precautions to make sure their stay is as symptom-free as possible:

  • Before your visitor arrives, find out which substances trigger their allergy symptoms
  • If pet dander is a problem, you may want to find a temporary home for Spot or Fluffy during your visitor's stay. Check with your vet about boarding, or ask a neighbor or friend whether they have room for an extra pet or two
  • Vacuum (preferably with a HEPA-filtered vacuum) carpets and upholstered furniture thoroughly to minimize dust and pet dander
  • Try not to vacuum in your visitor's presence-that may stir up dust
  • Damp-wipe all surfaces including floors
  • Check damp rooms for sources of mold before your guest arrives

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