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It would in fact be more accurate to talk about hyposensitisation. This treatment does not completely suppress allergen sensitisation, but it does make the patient less sensitive to allergens.

Tip: A long road ...

Hyposensitisation is based on regularly injecting the allergen in ever larger doses, so that the body builds up a kind of tolerance to it. The technique is not 100% effective and is generally recommended only when other treatments have proved unsuccessful. The best results are achieved with allergen solu-tions ("vaccines") against grass pollen, and bee and wasp stings. Hyposensitisation is a long-term treatment. On average it may last 3 years, or even as long as 5 years and longer in the case of bee and
wasp stings. Success depends on choosing the right antigen for the vaccine, the dosage, and... the patient.  

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