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  Treating Allergy:  

  » Eviction
The first measure to take is eviction (removal) of the allergen in question (after diagnosis, of course!). This is not always easy because of psychological associations (e.g. separating a child from a favourite pet) or sometimes even impossible (e.g. avoiding airborne pollen).
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  » Desensitisation
It would in fact be more accurate to talk about hyposensitisation. This treatment does not completely suppress allergen sensitisation, but it does make the patient less sensitive to allergens.
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  » Medicinal Treatments
We will not go into detail about all the many anti-allergy medicines. Instead, we will cite the commonest ones and put them into an overall context.
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  » Allergic Emergency
Whenever a person experiences a sudden and rapid onset reaction when in contact with an allergen, this reaction is called an Allergic Emergency.
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