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  Managing Allergy:  

  » Managing Allergies
The first step to managing allergies is to identify what type of reaction you’re having, whether it is watery eyes, sneezing or difficulty breathing.
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  » Minimising Attacks
Eliminate as much as possible all the allergens you can from your environment, principally domestic animals (dogs, cats) and house-dust mites. Some practical suggestions for eliminating house-dust mites.
»

  » Correctly Using Your Medication
Carefully follow your doctor’s prescription for the time of day and dosage of your medication.
»

  » Handling Attacks
Although they can be minimised, attacks cannot be totally excluded. However, through proper management their duration and effect can be largely controlled.
»

  » Visitors with Allergies!
Having a friend or relative come to visit is something to look forward to, but if your visitor has allergies you may want to take a few precautions to make sure their stay is as symptom-free as possible.
»

  » Prevention of Allergy in Children
As we have seen, some children are at high risk of developing allergies. These are often children where allergies run in the family ( atopy), i.e. their parents suffer or have suffered from them.
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