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  Diagnosing Allergy:  

  » Medical History
A large number of products may give rise to allergies. Moreover, all the time we are breathing in, swallowing or touching a huge variety of different substances which could be allergenic.
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  » Skin Tests
Skin tests involve introducing small quantities of very pure allergen of known concentrations into the skin (usually on your inside forearm or on your back) and observing the reaction.
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  » Blood Tests
The most commonly used test is assessing specific IgE (immunoglobulin E) in the blood. This involves detecting the presence of these antibodies directed against specific allergens and measuring their quantity (immunological mechanism).
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  » Challenge Tests
The principle of the challenge test is to reproduce the symptoms of the allergic reaction by bringing the patient into contact with the suspected allergen. If a reaction occurs, it can be concluded that this allergen is indeed the culprit of his allergy.
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